Hey Dude! You’re Caught in a Lie. 

At first, you may think  “I hit a little snag” or “my homies got my back” and even “I knew this was going to happen.” Man, If you didn’t cover your tracks with her, as mentioned in White Lie, you could be headed for quicksand after a shipwreck.

When unprepared for being Caught in a Lie, dark days turn into freezing night. Stomachs into boiling pits of fire during a restless sleep. Love and lust worlds collide with hate and fear. And it lingers.

The lingering affects of being Caught in a Lie aren’t all about You or Her. Again, we at Why Did You Lie? do not get into He Say/She Say because We Don’t Care. What must be considered is -how many other people know about this? This is a big one.

You lied to her, got Caught, now her friends know about it. How many? They hate you. Your buddies hate her. It’s not so bad, but…….a little time goes by. Then, her girlfriends get to talking to the Homies you been hangin’ with. Alcohol may or may not be involved because they have something to talk about-You. The way you lied, how you lied, when and where you said what.They get friendly, usually frisky, and you don’t want to believe it.

Here you are. At your apartment, passed out and drooling in the back seat of your own car.

Another Sorry Sap’s story who keeps getting beat up because he couldn’t Man Up. The only  glimmer of hope in his befuddled mind, is dreaming of being a cop.

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